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Berry works with the UK's most recognised training organisations to to deliver our staff and your staff the best possible professional training. In today's world, health & safety and professional qualifications are vital for any organisation to run smoothly and to the book. Failure to comply can result in all kinds of problems and this is why by working with Berry, you can rest assured that we have your back. 

IPAF Training

There are various IPAF accreditations you can achieve with Berry. As a Berry employee, you will have the opportunity to undertake various accredited training courses during your employment. The facilities sector has numerous jobs that require the use of various plant. The various machines we may use on any given contract must be handled only by trained accredited technicians.  Here are just some of the IPAF courses available under Berry's management process. 


The IPAF operator course instructs a candidate to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs, also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial lifts or scissor lifts. Categories include Static Vertical (1a), Static Boom (1b), Mobile Vertical (3a), Mobile Boom (3b), Specialist Machines (SPECIAL), Push Around Vehicle (PAV), Insulated Aerial Device (IAD).Categories include Static Vertical (1a), Static Boom (1b), Mobile Vertical (3a), Mobile Boom (3b), Specialist Machines (SPECIAL), Push Around Vehicle (PAV), Insulated Aerial Device (IAD).

MEWPS for Managers  

Operate legally and safely by completing the MEWPs for Managers course. This course is aimed at those who supervise or manage work at height with Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Can be completed via eLearning or at a training centre. 

MCWP Operator  

This course instructs an operator on how to operate the Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) safely, with full knowledge of the controls of the equipment and they are able to carry out pre-use/daily inspections and perform the emergency descent.

IPAF Operator Renewal Training

Existing PAL Card holders can choose the shorter, Operator Renewal Course, or the PAL+ Advanced Operator Course to renew and upskill at the same time. Operators can take the IPAF MEWP Operator Renewal Training Course or the IPAF PAL+ Advanced Operator Training Course.

Harness Training 

According to IPAF data, falls from the platform is one of the major causes of injury or fatality associated with using MEWPs. Awareness and understanding of how to correctly use a harness is critical to safe operation of boom-type MEWPs. IPAF offers three harness courses to meet the needs of different candidates;

  • Harness Awareness Course (HA)

  • Harness User Course (HU)

  • Harness Inspector Course (HI)

Safe Loading & Unloading

Loading, transportation and unloading of plant machinery are vital logistical activities across many industries including powered access and construction. However, analysis of accident data reveals this activity is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries. This course examines how these accidents occur and critically, how to prevent them to ensure safe and effective best practice. The course incorporates a highly interactive theory module with a test, and a practical module with assessment of candidates’ hands-on skills.


MCWP (CAP) Competent Assessed Person 

The CAP training course is an advanced level of assessment leading to the certification that engineers are proficient in undertaking statutory inspections of MCWPs or Construction hoists to the highest spec, as stipulated within legislation/regulations.

MCWP Installers

This training course instructs installers in charge of the installation of a Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) in all standard configurations indicated by the manufacturer. On completion, you will be able to perform installation, final appraisal and handover procedures.

Health & Safety Training

With Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol amongst the fastest growing cities in the UK, you can be sure there’s always several construction jobs available. The industry is booming, and staff are needed.

Every worker wants the best of available jobs with the best salary on offer, companies want to fill these posts with the best available talent. A Health & Safety Cert in the industry isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement. If you want to work as a labourer, a construction cleaner, or any trade within this sector, you will need to book yourself on to a Health and Safety Course.


A Health and Safety certification provides proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. Berry Support Solutions offers in-house CSCS training and Health and Safety Courses for individuals or groups. If you are a business and require Health and Safety or CSCS certs for several of your staff, Berry Support Solutions can handle this for you.


Topics Included in the Health and Safety Course

  • Risk Assessment

  • Development of a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

  • Health and Safety Law

  • Motivational Practices for Employees for Toolbox Talks, Safety Management and Site Inductions

  • Manual Handling

  • Prevention and Control of Fire and other Health Hazards

  • First Aid

  • Working at Heights


CSCS Training

A 1-day CSCS course is required to get a Green CSCS Card. The course is ideal for those beginning their career as a Construction site worker or a builder’s cleaner. The course provides a basic understanding of topics, including (but not limited to) fire hazard prevention, manual handling, and working at heights.

Level-1 Award in Health and Safety in Construction Environment

This is an elementary 1-day course, directed towards candidates who want to enhance their skills and knowledge to either begin working as construction site labourer/cleaner or to advance their career in the field. Although this course also helps you to acquire a Green CSCS Card, it varies in many ways. It helps you to gain a completely acknowledged Level-1 Award in the area of Health and Safety in the construction field. The course covers a variety of topics including risk assessment, prevention of occupational hazards, working at greater heights, manual handling, equipment, and machinery handling.


Health and Safety Online Course

This is an online course ideal for those individuals who do not want to contribute a whole day to attend training in person. It is required for obtaining the Green CSCS Card and offers basic training in health and safety aspects of the construction site. This CSCS Course covers topics like prevention of occupational health hazards, construction equipment handling, working at heights etc.

The online CSCS Health and Safety Course differ from others in allowing you to complete the course in your own time - in one or more sessions. You can take up this course anywhere and revisit the modules multiple times to understand it fully. Once you have completed the course and passed the test, you can download your certificate.

To book a course today, get in touch.

Want to find out more about the training services Berry offers? Get in touch today and we would be very happy to discuss with you.

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