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Our Journey to Net-Zero is in full swing!

Passionate about People and Sustainability

Our mission is to be Wales’ most sustainable cleaning company. Sustainability,  caring for the environment and our local communities is at the forefront of everything Berry does. From our head office to our supply chain partners and everything in between, our decisions have always taken into consideration our impact and ability to influence the market around us. PARTNER with BERRY and be a FORCE FOR GOOD

“Being a cleaning business, we can encourage, inspire and influence others around us to adopt our core values.”


– Berry Cleaning

Some of our initiatives include

  • Chemical-free cleaning processes.

  • “Closed loop” consumable products.

  • Uniforms from regenerated organic material and ethically sourced.

  • Energy and water saving technologies.

  • Climate Action Workforce where we’re growing a company forest. We give our employees a more meaningful perk by funding certified carbon avoidance and tree planting projects every month.

  • We use electric vehicles.

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“Paperless” sites

In keeping with our environmental objectives, we are rolling out paperless contracts across our portfolio, providing all information to the site cleaning teams and client teams in electronic form. All information relating to the cleaning team and their activities are made available to staff through a tablet which is kept on site. This includes all relevant health and safety information (risk assessments, method statements, COSHH data and assessments etc.), company policies and procedures and all other information as required. Through our use of DocuSign, staff can sign off documents on the tablet therefore meeting statutory requirements. All information is controlled through our Google-based information management system which uses a range of cloud-based apps ensuring that all documents are updated in accordance with reviews which are performed on at least an annual basis.

We're becoming B-Corp Certified

Berry joins 4,000 other businesses in committing to prioritise two important resources every single day – people, and the planet.


What is B Corp?

B Corporations are businesses like Berry who want to be ‘A Force For Good’. Despite making a profit to further drive our mission, we commit to having a positive impact on society and the environment. Applying for Certified B Corp status is a rigorous process, where our social and environmental performance is measured and judged. We are working towards passing and gaining certification with flying colours!

Once certified, successful applicants sign a legally binding agreement that confirms our promise to always consider the impact of our decisions on our stakeholders. In the eyes of B Corp, stakeholders include everyone, from the company’s employees to suppliers and the community, and even the environment.


Our certification journey so far..

We know that the road to becoming certified will be a long (and stressful) one. We started the process earlier this year and have had to answer some 200 questions about the ins and outs of how Berry is run already. It’s a great learning journey that gives us the opportunity to assess our performance and plan new initiatives for the

The certification process is specifically designed to make sure every business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. It also promotes full public transparency and legal accountability to strike the appropriate and ethical balance of profit and purpose. We will be incredibly proud to complete
the assessment process with a B Impact score of 100 or higher. To put this into context most businesses achieve around an average B Impact score of 80.



“Becoming a B Corp has always in our plan, the foundations of what it means to be a company that prioritises people and the planet, are so truly aligned with our values that it’s essential for us to become certified. Our goal is to always keep these values in focus as we scale and grow.”

– Berry Cleaning

The future...

It isn’t just about our commitment to the planet, and our profit for us though. It’s also about being part of a global movement of businesses who want to be a force for good. We’re proud to be on this journey, and we’re excited to see what’s in store for us next.

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