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deep clean
All new ongoing commercial cleaning services begin with a complimentary FREE service, or you can just choose to take the credit. Just let us know what's your preference, and we'll take care of it!

FREE £500 Deep Clean

Before we start any contract, we like to make sure your workplace is as clean as we intend to maintain it. Why not take advantage of a FREE deep clean of your work place up to the value of £500.

A deep clean of all areas within your workplace from top to bottom. 
Bio-misting every room and area within your workplace, ensuring your business  is 100% germ and bacteria free. 

Every workplace will have its unique requirements, so we will create a detailed deep cleaning schedule prior to starting and share with with you on our client engagement app.
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FREE £500 Window Clean

Our specialist window cleaning department can handle all types of window cleaning requirements up to 7 stories from the ground. Why not take advantage of a FREE window and exterior clean of your work place up to the value of £500.

Chemical-free cleaning with ultra-pure deionised water, No water or power required, 70ft reach & wash system, cleans up to 7 stories from the ground, Traditional and modern methods​​ available.

Read more on our window and exterior cleaning services here:
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FREE £500 Carpet Clean

Our top-of-the-range 500/psi Airflex storm machines, clean around 4 x quicker than standard twin vac machines, providing much faster drying times and a superior clean finish. Why not take advantage of a FREE carpet and upholstery clean for your work place up to the value of £500.

Our trained Carpet and upholstery technicians are all professionally trained and approved clean smart technicians
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£250 Credit

We do like to give a deep clean before we start any new cleaning contract. However, if your workplace is clean or there's little to do before Berry begins the ongoing cleaning services, we will credit your account with £250. Minimum hours apply.
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