Biohazard Cleaning Services in Cardiff & South Wales

Short notice, Biohazard Deep Cleaning in Cardiff.

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Berry Support Solutions were called in with 24-hours notice to complete a Biohazard clean of a derelict building to be used as a set for an up coming sky one action series.The building needed to be cleaned throughout, with only 48-hours to begin construction of sets and storage. 


As this building had been vacant for over 20 years, it had numerous infestations such as rats, pigeons and paraphernalia, which made for a challenging clean. The building comprised of 4 stories and a basement. 


The safety of our staff is paramount and most certainly whilst undertaking contracts in these circumstances. All staff were trained and briefed prior to undertaking any cleaning duties. The PPE required for this job included, hazard suits and gloves, face fitted ventilators, safety boots, eye protection and safety helmets. 


Further challenges that came with this job inclded, no running water or power to the building. Berry had to arrange a water bowser and generator within the 24-hours notice given to build a team and deliver on this contract.


Management on this contract worked quickly to arrange 10 members of qualified cscs staff. Our skilled team had already been trained in the dangers of Leptospirosis and other illnesses that can be caused whilst dealing with animals. 


This project was focused on creating a clean and sanitised environment for building sets as the building still needed to retain some of its rugged looks for filming. 


The project was turned around successfully in time and with great feedback from the location coordinators. 



A word from Urban Myths Films

“Thank you Berry, you’ve done an amazing job, it looks sooooo much better".


Iestyn Hampson  |  Location Manager