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Your Loyalty Rewarded

Our BLS reward scheme gives you more value and ultimately the best price in the industry.

The best service at the best price? Now this is worth knowing more about, right?

If your business is looking to save money and get the best service, Berry Cleaning might well be your answer. Our experienced team can re-work or build a brand-new cleaning schedule to save your business time and money, whilst also delivering cleaning standards beyond your current expectations. The price is not just about the hourly rate, if your cleaners are not efficient with their time, you could well be paying more than you need to for your cleaning service - even though your hourly rate may be cheaper than the standard industry rate.

With many factors to consider, Berry’s client loyalty scheme (BLS) can save your business hundreds, if not thousands every year on your cleaning costs. With options including, having money off your invoice and free additional services, we are truly confident that the cleaning package Berry offers is unrivalled in the commercial cleaning industry. To find out more about Berry’s BLS scheme, give us a call or request a call back on our website and we’ll call you.

Give us a call today, don't delay.


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