• Thomas Alan Phillips

Do you want the best care for your carpets?

Berry Support Solutions, has invested in state of the art equipment. We use the most advanced & most powerful semi portable and truck mounted cleaning system that removes germs, bacteria and soil, whilst also using the most effective cleaning chemicals on the market, ensuring the best possible finish for our customers.

Whilst your carpet may appear clean on the surface, there will be germs and bacteria lurking beneath your feet that can cause issues with asthma & allegories for you & your family. Most home vacuums will remove some dirt & dust, however they do not remove the stubborn residue. This is why it is important to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. Our products are environmentally friendly which means it is safe for your kids & your pets.


There is a lot of misleading information out there, so who do you believe? Where better to start than from the carpet manufactures themselves. The worlds largest carpet manufacture (Shaw Industries) recommends steam extraction, as this is the best method to thoroughly rinse out detergent and water soluble soils.

Berry Support Solutions uses 'The Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning' method as this most the most effective method for deep cleaning your carpets. Research shows that steam and very high water temperature extraction systems are the most effective and produce the best results for carpet cleaning. The process of carpet steam cleaning allows your carpets to be cleaned from the bottom up.

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