• Kelly Broderick

The Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaners

Whether at home or in the workplace, we all have a strong preference for clean surroundings. Clean environments not only reduce the incidence of illness, but are also thought to contribute to workplace satisfaction, role performance and the overall mental wellbeing of staff.

While there is no refuting the benefits of cleanliness, there are mounting concerns about the materials and chemicals used by some commercial cleaners to achieve the result. Globally, billions of litres of chemicals and supplies are used for cleaning purposes each year. This staggering figure is compounded further by the waste generated by the packaging from these products. Considering the scale of this issue alone, it is not hard to understand the devastating impact these substances and the associated waste are having on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife.

Furthermore, exposure to some chemicals has been shown to be not only detrimental to the environment but also to human health, with some popular traditional cleaning products linked to skin irritation, allergic reactions, asthma and the compromise of air quality within commercial buildings.

The problem is that many of the chemicals used in cleaning products are still yet to be tested for safety, and subsequently the full extent of their impact on both human health and the environment are relatively unknown. However, what is clearly understood, is that the pollutants within these chemical compounds will either take a very a long time to degrade or in some cases, will not break down at all.

As we begin to develop greater awareness of the impact of these traditional cleaning agents, what the industry have dubbed ‘green products’ and ‘green cleaners’ that use only safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. There are many reasons why more and more businesses have turned to green cleaning services over the past decade. Here we’ll discuss some of the most commonly sighted reasons.

Benefits of using a greener cleaning solution

1. Better for the health of those living and working in the building One of the main benefits experienced by those who use green cleaners is the impact this has on building occupants. While traditional cleaning products leave strong smells that pollute the air, green cleaning products reduce the presence of chemicals in the air and don’t result in these nasty smells.

… especially children and pets If your work environment often has kids and even pets running around, employing a cleaner who uses green cleaning products is a must. Chemicals and traditional pest control methods can actually be extremely harmful to pets, and naturally, eliminating the potential for a child to come into contact with harmful toxins is a no-brainer. Engaging green cleaners is an easy way to eliminate these risks.