• Thomas Alan Phillips

How PPE Safeguards Industrial Cleaning Staff

Safety first. This precautionary notice is a familiar sign posted in areas where risky and hazardous activities take place. Professions which advocate safety measures are in the industrial cleaning industry. One important safety measure mandated by the law is requiring workers to wear personal protective equipment or PPE. There are several types of PPE designed to shield employees from possible injuries in their workplace. Various jobs involving industrial cleaning services commonly have busy working atmospheres. Staffs cannot predict when accidents happen. If they are not careful

enough in handling cleaning products and equipment, they may end up harming themselves.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are clothing and gears worn and used by workers to protect them from work related perils and injuries. Types of PPE are those designed to protect the eye and face, hearing, respiratory, head, hand, foot, and body. Industrial cleaners who also do warehouse cleaning jobs, should properly wear PPE. Eye and face protection gears are safety glasses, goggles and face shields. Ear plugs and muffs are examples of hearing protection. Some head protection gears incorporate ear plugs in the helmets or hard hats. Hand and arm protection apparels protect industrial cleaning workers from toxic chemical fluids. Cleaners wear gloves and mitts when handling harmful substances. Wrist cuffs and armlets are also examples of hand and arm protection. Some chemical cleaning products emit lethal fumes in the air and irritate a worker’s airways. Respirators protect cleaners from inhaling the chemical vapours.

Work shoes and boots are types of foot protection. Some boots have steel toe coverings. Body protection suits safeguard cleaning staffs from exposures or spills from hazardous chemicals and harsh weather conditions. These garments include aprons, overalls, work jacket or vests, and body suits. The industrial cleaning services industry is aware of the possible dangers involved in the workplace. PPE helps cleaning companies from spending additional costs due to accidents and injuries. Work environments with minimised mishaps promote employee productivity and safety.

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